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What is Yehudah worship revival movement

Yehudah worship revival movement is an end-time interdenominational movement that is sounding the trumpet to awaken worshippers and young people across the nations. The word “Yehudah” is a Hebrew word derived from the word “yadah” which means praise. Yehudah worship revival movement is concerned with raising a generation of young people and worshippers that are rooted in the Word of God and prayer.

Our Vision

To see a generation that will walk worthy of their kingdom calling (Ephesians 4:1).

A generation after the heart of God (1Samuel 13:14).

True prophetic worshippers filled with the Holy Spirit (John 4:23, Joel 2:28).

A generation that is rising to strengthen what remains (Revelations 3:2)

Our mission

To mobilize, unite and equip young people and worshippers in the body of Christ for worship, prayer and intimacy with God.

History and burden of Yehudah worship revival movement

Yehudah worship revival movement was established on the 25th December 2015 as we launched our first night of worship revival. It started as a one night event which therefore developed over sometime to birth out more worship projects like worship nights, worship workshops, worship outreaches and others. About 6 months after the first worship night the name Yehudah worship revival movement was birthed out and officially launched on the 09th July 2016.

Realizing the intense battles and challenges worshippers and young people go through we were than burdened to firstly mobilize and unite them to stand together and not stand against one another, and eliminate the idea of seeing each other as rivals. Therefore the next plan was to than equip them for intimacy and prayer in order to strengthen and get them to be established with an understanding that they have a kingdom role to play.

Worship is not just a time of fun but a time to stand before God and bless in His name. We are for the idea that worship isn’t just music but a life, and artistically God has blessed us with a variety of gifts to express our worship to Him which could be dance, poetry, music, painting and etc. As Yehudah worship revival movement we are committed to creating an environment of taking our gifts as callings and using that diligently for the glory of God. Being a generation that understand that its part of the Kingdom and there are roles and responsibilities that each of of need to take on for the Kingdom to be established.

Intimacy with God, prayer and worship is our ultimate foundation for what we do.

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